I love helping people achieve their Real Estate goals. The end result can be dramatically different and now more than ever 
Who You Work With Matters.
It’s okay, I know...Nobody likes Real Estate Agents!

In the 1990s before becoming an Agent, I temporarily moved to Queensland and left management of my house with a local real estate agent. When I came back a year later, after the vacating inspection had been carried out and the keys were handed back to me, I went into my house and just about cried.

I was devastated. The immaculate little house I loved, now had stains in the carpets, holes the walls, the pool needed to be resurfaced, the tropical garden that once were beautiful were now an overgrown jungle and oily dirt replaced the green grass where tenants' cars had been illegally parking.

My neighbours had seen the tenants hosing out the house before they vacated (yes, it was carpeted!) and the police had been called just about every public holiday with wild parties reported and noise complaints to boot.

But the cracker was the response from the agent to whom I had entrusted the management of my beloved home. “Fair wear and tear” they said. Although, they did admit that they “we may not have completed as many property inspections we should have done.”

I decided to renovate and sell. I listed my home with two agents and they were terrible! Once again disappointment struck. They didn’t communicate, no feedback given, there was very little interest in the property with few inspections and not much bother by the agents to try and get any more...

I thought, “How hard can this be? They would be getting paid a small fortune and doing next to nothing”.
I have since realised that it is not just about putting up a sign and expecting the phone to ring. There is a process involved in selling a home, but my thoughts were that these agents were falling short.

When that didn't work I decided to sell the home myself. I wrote out a plan on paper, what I would do to get my house sold to someone who loved it, and was happy to pay the right price I wanted for my home.  In the first two weeks I two inspections and one party expressed an interest to purchase. We negotiated over the next few days and I secured my first real estate sale.  The house had originally cost me $140,000 ten years earlier and I had just sold it for $439,950, and this my friends was where my enthusiasm and love of property, renovation, marketing and re-sale began.

Then and there I took the leap of faith from from secure Business Management Career to being a Junior in a Real Estate Agency so I could learn the ropes...wasn't I in for a shock!  The industry was aggressive, competitive and seemed to require some kind of moral bypass to be part of it and needless to stay I didn’t stay long.   In fact, it almost turned me off the industry for good, however my love of property made me keep thinking, “There has to be a better way”.

And of course there was, I'm pleased to say 17 years later, my team and I are still proud to offer something completely different so consumers never have to feel the sheer disappointment and the way I did back in the 90's.  We don’t just hammer in a sign and wait for a call, we have identified 88 essential steps to take in the process of marketing a home for sale.

My philosophy is simple:
  •  Treat other people as I would like to be treated
  • Be transparent, understand my client's expectations and communicate well
  •  Showcase homes with beautiful emotion filled imagery and share that home's story accurately
  •   Stay true to Beautiful Presentation, Correct Pricing and Strong Negotiation for the home and owner
  •  If you say you are going to do something, simply do it and do it well 
People have shared this is why they Trust our process, see Faster Results and achieve Higher Sale Prices. Successfully Marketing a property for its Maximum Potential doesn’t happen by chance and this is what makes us The Agent of Choice for people who love their properties and want to get the Best Result
I love helping people achieve their real estate goals. The end result can be dramatically different and now more than ever Who you Work with Matters. Why not let me help you too?